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The Deluxe SlimWrap combines the fat burning effects of our Infrared Treatment, with the inch loss and cellulite benefits of SlimWrap.


After 10-15 minutes of relaxing in the Infrared blanket to boost your metabolism and jump start the detoxification process. You are then wrapped in our SlimWrap mineral solution. This dual process was designed for those who need or want the absolute best inch loss results, relaxation and more amazing cellulite reduction.

Our Mineral Body Wrap is a safe and effective method to visibly tighten and tone your current figure. You will see and feel the difference in your very first wrap!


Our Body Wrap can help you to improve your overall health and vitality by removing unhealthy toxins, it tightens and firms loose skin, helps to smooth cellulite, and results in slimming your body and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

Unlike spa treatments that only treat water retention symptoms through sweating or dehydration, our all natural mineral solution and special wrap techniques leave smooth, natural skin and firm, toned tissue. The effects are immediate!


This process is for anyone, regardless of gender, who would like to change their appearance for the better.  Whether you simply want to tighten and firm a few areas to prepare for that special event, or you are working to become several sizes smaller, the body wrap is a great way to look your best and to help you to achieve your goals! 


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What to Expect?

First you are measured prior to being wrapped. Then our trained Wrap Technicians will wrap you from head to toe with bandages that are specially soaked in our signature mineral wrap solution.  While you are in the mineral wrap you will be doing mild exercises to keep you warm, and increase mineral absorption.  Mineral Solution is re-applied every 20 minutes, and once you are un-wrapped...You will look slimmer from your very first wrap. 


The LA SlimWrap gets awesome results and it is great for trimming away those unwanted inches!  After your wrap, you are going to feel slimmer, feel more energized, and the appearance of cellulite will be lessened.


The LA SlimWrap solution is safe and made in an FDA approved lab to safely give you the best possible results.  The results are soft, tightened, glowing skin, reduced cellulite and stretch marks, firmer skin, and less inches.


The LA SlimWrap is our signature wrap.  This is the Body wrap that you have seen on The "Tyre Banks Show", The "Rachael Ray Show",  "Ellen", "FH1", "Fit Nation", "The View", "The Doctor's", and many more.


So why not look better and feel more confident with an LA SlimWrap?




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***How do I prepare for a body wrap?


Facts about The Body Wrap

1. The Body Wrap is safe, healthful and relaxing.

2. The Body Wrap Solution has the ideal ph for the skin.

3. The Body Wrap firms body tissue and visibly tightens skin,

    especially after weight loss.

4. The Body Wrap lets you determine where to slenderize

    hips, thighs, abdomen, etc.

5. The Body Wrap is not a "water wrap" or "dehydration"

    process. Inches lost will not return as long as you do not

    gain weight and get in a few times a year for a maintenance 














Slim, Cleanse, & Nourish your body with our luxurious mineral solution!


LA SlimWrap

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