Prepare for a wrap

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How do I prepare for a body wrap?


~   Do not eat a heavy meal at least two hours prior to the

     wrap, eat a light meal.

~   Do not wear lotion or oil the day of the wrap.

~   Drink water so you aren't dehydrated (aim for 8 - 8 oz.

     glasses the day before the wrap, and plenty the day of

     the wrap).  *Please note you won't be able to use the

     restroom for one hour while you are in the wrap.

~    Wear either a two-piece swim suit (non-slick) or panties

      (cotton) and bra (wireless) during the wrap.   Men,

      plan to wear either swimming trunks or colored  


~    Have dry undergarments to wear afterwards

~   Children:  For the safety of your children and the 

     consideration of our other guests, we ask that you not allow  

     children to accompany you to your appointment.


** Please be courteous and notify us with at least 24 hour advance if you are unable to make your appointment.



NOTE:  For Peppermint SeaTwist Wrap: Avoid shaving or waxing before this treatment.