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Our body wraps are not your traditional spa like body treatments.

Our Inch-Loss Mineral Body Wrap is designed to visibly improve skin and tightness, while eliminating impurities from the body. Bodies build up waste products over time due to stress, medication, drugs, improper diet and metabolic waste. Areas of soft fat are soft only because bodies dilute the waste products it cannot eliminate with fluid (to cut the caustic effects of such waste down to a safe level.)  This bulks up genetically pre-disposed areas- men usually from the belt-line up, and women from the waist to the knees. It can then spread to other areas.

What do we do is wrap our clients with mineral saturated bandages lightly where we want tighter looking skin and firmly where we want a slimmer appearance.   We Use unique body wrapping methods that have helped thousands of men and women become healthier and achieve a slimmer, firmer, more youthful appearance.

The skin is the body's largest organ of assimilation and elimination. The body will absorb the minerals and dilute and eliminate the waste products. This gives us "space" to compact and tighten loose, soft tissue. Tissue also becomes very pliable and malleable when our mineral solution is applied and we can move tissue around for a more aesthetic appearance.

Our wraps are Active and Relaxing. The client does light exercise during the 60 minutes of the wrap (simple non-strenuous movements.). This achieves better circulation, keeps you warmer and helps you to achieve the best overall results.

This is the wrap you may have seen this wrap demonstrated on programs such as Ellen Degeneres, Rachael Ray, Tyra Banks, The Doctors and many others. Dr. Phil's wife, Robin McGraw recently told viewers on the Rachael Ray show that the mineral body wraps are one of her "beauty secrets" for staying young and healthy looking