Dream Body Wrap

Visible results in about one hour!

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Designed in response to the demand for a reclining companion to the LA SlimWrap.


It is a powerful mineral wrap done while you are lying on a massage table wrapped in a mineral saturated hypoallergenic blanket and enjoying a warm, vibrating massage pad.  You are remoistened with our Mineral solution every 15 minutes - and the wrap lasts for an hour. While you are reclining for one hour, the wrap uses the benefits of the minerals, the tightening of the minerals to adjust the appearance of the mid-section, giving a slimmer looking profile. Naturally Relaxing, and it leaves the skin feeling soft and satiny.  After just 60 minutes, you awaken feeling relaxed and your tension has just melted away. 

Unlike other wraps that use chemicals and dehydrate the body.  This "Laydown" Wrap uses all natural minerals in it's solution.


The solution is still pH balanced and contains the same minerals as the LA SlimWrap, but in a different concentration.  Great for relaxation, elimination of impurities, and de-stressing your body.


* The targeted area where best results have been experienced is the mid section.

  • Relaxing and refreshing!
  • Great for people with aching backs, knees or feet!
  • Tension just melts away!
  • Calms, energizes!
  • Slimmer appearance!



For maximum benefit, follow up with a LA SlimWrap within a week.






It a great way to visibly tighten and tone the chest, tummy and abdominal areas, as well as receive the relaxing benefits of the minerals.  Sweet Dreams!